søndag 27. desember 2009

Julen 2009. Christmas.

I joined a christmas-swap. and this is what the package contained.Look at all the godies, bout sweets and other stuf.
The hole lot.
This is the christmas-card the swap was about. Isnt it beautiful. It fits me and my (our) home perfect. It is Barbara York from Texas who have made it. Thank you so much Barbara,
And of course we had santa visiting. Here he is leaving.
Malin is a bit afraid of the santa, but she got presents anyway.
And I think santa has eaten lots of godies, look at his belly.
Malin and grandpa is looking at the presents. Maybee something for me?
And the little girl all dressed up for christmas. Sorry about the turn of the foto. I forgot to turn it before loading them up.
Now all our gests have gone home, and we oldies are left alone. It is a bit sad, and it is good. Can anyone see what I meen?.
Now I can take time to look at my gifts, and maybee read a book 0r two. Take care everyone, and enjoy the rest of the holydays.

onsdag 23. desember 2009


This is what meets people coming into our house now. Santas all over.
And so on.
A santa-village.
our livingroom.
A part of my kitchen.
Now the christmas can start.
And this is my new quilt, a christmas-wish, from Gail Pan. I love it.
Cokies made by Malin.
And here is the baker, with grannys child-apron. It is over 50 yers old. Isnt that fun.
Very consentrated. Isnt she adoreable?
My to daughters and Malin.
Isnt this a wonderful christmas-cloth. A friend of mine made it.
This is what I sent to Texas,as a christmas-swap.
And these to.
I have had some trouble loding fotos, but now it is ok. I wish you all a merry christmas. Dont eat to much, enjoy the needlecraft , and relax. Thats my intention. By for now.

fredag 11. desember 2009

Så var det freddan.

Noen ord uten bilde.
Nå er kjøkkenet nesten ferdigvaska. Du verden så godt det er. Føler meg nesten som ei husmor, hva nå enn det er. Julegardina er oppe og. Bilde bare jeg får rydda på plass alt.
I morra er det juletreff hos Aud, nesten på Finnskogen. Det skal bli koselig.

I have told that I have been cleaning my kitchen, and done some decorations. Pic later.
See you.

torsdag 10. desember 2009

I am on my way...

Look at my heading. It is from inside my hubbys car. Isnt it beautiful.
And yes. I am on to blogging again. More to come.