mandag 8. februar 2010

The mother-bear is awake, almost...

We had a wonderful weekend with visit from these boys. They had a wonderful time I think.
And so did Mico.
My hubby took this. He and Mico went skiing.
This is my Veranda wiew. Looking foreward to finish it. Think it will be nice.
And this is a ufo from many years ago. I started on Baltimore-blocks, but this is how fare I got. I will finish it and make a pillow of it.
This is going to be a pincushion. Found it in blogland somewhere.
And I have taken on the blocks from Bunny Hill as well. They are cute.
I have found me a handy holder to use when cutting small pieces. No I can cut, and my hands woundt hurt. It is a got to have thing, he he.
At last a big UFO. It is a christmas tablecloth. I dont think it will ever be finished.
These are the things I have been doing the past weeks. I am finally waking up from my " wintersleep". I want the spring to arrive. I am not a winterperson anymore. It is too cold for me.
I need warmth and lots of sun. In meantime I will keep on sewing and knitting.
Have a nice week everyone . I will.